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Are life events affecting your employees?

       We have the answers they're looking for.

Our customized tool kits and resources cover an extensive array of work/life issues. The options are endless and can be easily customized and tailored to your employees' specific needs. We have a passion for being creative and innovative in finding the resources that will help your employees find the right balance between their work and home connection.


Your customized work/life solution can include books, journals, DVDs and CDs, personalized organizers, bookmarks, flyers - almost anything you can dream up, sourced or created to your specifications.

Why choose our custom Work/Life Tool Kits?

We give you the tools you need to spread the word and promote your program.

We source products and services that are as diverse as your staff is.

We do the research for you. Describe your needs and we take it from there.

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Our experience and relationships with vendors and publishers in all kinds of fields gives us direct access to high quality resources at substantial discounts.


We carefully and thoroughly review each and every resource to ensure that the quality is up to your exacting standards.

We don't want your Work/Life program to waste away on a shelf, so we help you spread the word!


Our experienced marketing experts and talented graphics staff will create customized marketing materials for your program.

With more than 25 years as the industry leader in parenting education, Active Parenting Publishers makes it easy and affordable for you to provide parenting and other work/life programs to your employees.


You can offer your Work/Life program with confidence.

Whatever your work/life needs, we can deliver with our:

access to an extensive selection of publishers where resources can be purchased at substantial discounts

extensive research tools to evaluate resources and ensure the products offered are the best available

expertise in shipping and fulfillment

staff of graphic artists and marketing experts ready to help you market your programs within your organization

experience working with vendors from all areas of production - from publishing to custom packaging


Whatever your work/life needs, we can deliver with our:


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