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Online training for today's busy parents:

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Designed for parents of children ages 2 to 12, the 6-session course combines video with online group discussion, reading and chat. Each group is led by a certified parenting education leader.


All the important topics are there -- nonviolent discipline techniques that work, ending power struggles, raising responsible children, encouraging cooperation, talking about difficult issues, and more.


Active Parenting Online Groups is an easy and affordable way to help employees who are parents, because the classes meet over the Internet. Parents can participate on their own any time, day or night. All they need is access to the Internet and a desire to be the best parents they can be.

You can offer two different online classes to your employees:

Active Parenting Now Online - for parents of children ages 2 to 12

Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce Online - for parents going through separation or divorce

Active Parenting of Teens - for parents of 'tweens and teens

Prices vary depending on the plan.  Contact us for more information and a quote!

There are several ways to bring Active Parenting Online Groups to your company. Purchase multiple classes (as low as $34.95 per participant) and offer this benefit free or at a discount to your employees. Or you can simply share information about Active Parenting Online Groups and allow employees to assume the full cost of the course. We'll help you spread the word about this valuable program with customized flyers and e-mails.

There's no doubt that the emotions and trauma caused by separation or divorce disrupt not only the family involved, but also inevitably an employee's performance on the job.


Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce Online Groups is an online seminar designed to help parents minimize the harm caused when anger and bitterness threaten to cause them to lose sight of their child's needs. Through this class, parents become aware of how their actions may inadvertently harm their children, learn how to establish a positive co-parenting relationship, and acquire the skills needed to stay child-focused. 


And the smoother the separation goes at home, the more likely your employee is to stay on track at work.


The 4- to 6-hour online seminar combines video, activities, skill development and discussion moderated by a certified Active Parenting leader. The easy-to-read Parent's Guide provides vital information and gives examples and exercises to support what you have learned. A certificate is available upon completion of the class.


Parents can complete the lessons wherever and whenever during the 60-day registration period, and review past lessons as many times as needed. In addition to providing parenting help through planned lessons, the online class also allows your participants to connect with other separating parents to share experiences

The comprehensive self-study parenting class "meets" online, and parents can access the materials any time-day or night, at their convenience.



In addition to providing parenting help through planned lessons, the online class also allows parents to connect and share with other parents on the Group Discussion Bulletin Board. The 164-page Parent's Guide offers more in-depth support and training and can be referred to for many years to come.




What parents are saying about Active Parenting Now...



Parent's Guide Media Award


"Stellar resource since its launching in 1983, this new multi-media package includes the quality resources and parenting guides that teach Active Parenting and apply effective parenting skills to real-life situations. . ."

"It's great that there is finally a proactive book for parents to learn how to avoid harming their children from their divorce behaviors!"

(referring to the Parent Guide included in the program)

Siri Gotlieb, Court Administrator

Ann Arbor, Michigan

View a sample video.

View a sample video.

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