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Are PARENTING ISSUES affecting your employees at work?

      We can help!

BONUS: These programs help employees develop stronger interpersonal skills, which improve relationships with co-workers as well. Everybody wins!

improve employee morale and job performance

decrease absenteeism caused by family problems

help you retain top associates who will appreciate a benefit that really makes a difference in their lives.

And that adds up to a friendly bottom line!

Each Active Parenting solution is different, but they all cover the core Active Parenting skills, including:

With more than 25 years as the industry leader in parenting education, Active Parenting Publishers makes it easy and affordable for you to provide parenting programs to your employees.


Studies show that 84% of parents worry about juggling the demands of work and family. Here is your chance to improve work/life balance by offering training for their other full-time job: parenting. You pick the platform and we provide the materials for training employees at work - or at home.


Not only are Active Parenting programs in keeping with the family-friendly culture of the 2000s, they are also among the most cost-effective benefits you can offer. This small investment will:

active communication

diffusing power struggles

teaching responsibility

styles of parenting

effective, nonviolent discipline

Online Parenting Programs

Lunch & Learns

Online Video Libraries


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